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You are always welcome to our Cattery!

My cattery is in TALLINN, ESTONIA. My cattery was founded in2004 and is aprivate,to guaranteethe healthof offspring!

We are specializing on the creating of cats of Scottish Fold breed, Scottish Straight breed, Highland Fold breed, Highlander breed, and also British Shorthair breed.

All these breeds have gain edimmense popularity among the fans because they have a great look, a gentle calm character and are particularly easy to care.

We ad here to a professional approach to breeding Scottish Strait and Scottish Fold cats , based on modern knowledge of genetics and veterinary medicine.

Each breeding is planned in advance and the selection of pairs based on the analysis of the genotype and phenotype of our manufacturers.

The main purpose of the cattery is getting the most relevant standard of the breed kittens. We work both with solid classic colors (purple, blue, tortoise), and color with a pattern (silvertabby, blue tabby, purplemarble, blue marble, redmarble, red silvermarble, silvertortietabby).

Our cats are full-fledged members of our family, and live in love and comfort!They receive timely veterinary care and eat the first class food! Also wregularly visite xhibitions and replenish our knowledge!

If you decide to purchase the Scottish kitten from us, we will be happy to provide expert assistance in selecting a pet,and the future manufacturer! We hope that this plush ball will bring into your home the warm and living love. He will give you another chance to learn to love and open your heart.

Thank you to your interest to our pets!

Attentionaly your, Cattery owner "Madmeuasel Ell-Janet" Janett.