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British Shorthair


British Shorthair - one of the oldest breeds of cat, always noticed by strength and good health. It gotten to know that the British lines contain two blood types: A and B. With this in mind, breeders can avoid problems with diseases of the blood, which has now become a common practice of breeding.

All Britons, regardless of color, size and structure of the body must meet certain standards.

Body - from medium to large, muscular, with a broad chest, shoulders, and large massive and dense.

Limbs - short and tight.

Paws - round and firm.

Tail - a short (no more than 2/3 of the body length), thick with a rounded tip.

Head - a round, massive, with a broad skull, the well developed short and strong neck. Filled cheeks. The chin is strong.

Nose - a short, broad and straight with a slight indentation in the transition to the forehead, but without the explicit "stop", characteristic of exotic breeds.

Ears - short and wide at the base, slightly rounded. Set well, emphasizing rounded contours of the head.

Eyes - big, round, open, wide apart. Color to match the color of hair. As a rule, the majority of colors - it's orange or copper color of the eye, cold silver and golden shaded colors - the color of the eyes of emerald green, all main colors should have blue eyes. The white cats may be blue, copper, or different colored eyes.

Hair - short, dense, fine texture, adjoining, with a thick underhair.

In any color, except silver and Smoke, the hair must be evenly colored to the root.

Care. Hair does not require frequent brushing. Unpretentious and easily adaptable to the conditions of life.