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Highland Fold


Cats of Highland Fold breed are long-wool breed variety of Scottish Fold.

Currently, the vast majority of catteries are working with the Scottish shorthair variations. Longhair Scottish fold option are only beginning to go on the stage of breeding and the show rings.

Highlands are extraordinarily charming and original. Rather, they can be attributed to the group of semi-longhair cats. They have a hair texture very distinctive - volume, silky, does not fall down, and requires minimal maintenance.

The History of the Highland Fold starts from the very first Fold cat Susie. Judging by the pedigree of her descendants, she was a carrier of long hair and mating with normal household cats, her long-haired kittens were born.

Of course, in the mass  they recessive of longhair gene wes passed by Scots exotic cats, which were tied up to the fold, mainly to the introduction of new colors in the breed. Thus, many of the Scottish lines have in recessive the longhair gene and when breeding two shorthair animals, the kittens are born with long hair.

Until now, all the breeders of the debate concerning the development of Scots Highland been unfairly relegated to the side of the planned work. Now very few nurseries boast quality manufacturers of Highlands. However, the situation is changing rapidly.

Earlier woolly folds and straights appeared occasionally in litters of short-Scots. Many long-haired offspring, even short-quality manufacturers have features showing cast-Persian blood. Typically, it is expressed in smoothed profile, "lowered" muzzle, as well as changes in the texture of wool, more reminiscent of Persian. Now that the critical moments of the breed scottish fold is complete, the number of quality animals has increased significantly, exactly like the professional kennels and breeders, breed enthusiasts and hone its nuances, the views of professionals turned, finally, to the Highlands.

Given the momentum of development, one can expect in a year and a half to see the quality Highland at shows, even back in much smaller proportions than the short-Scots.

Highland is certainly worthy of attention and purposeful breeding!


Highlander (SFL71)


Body: Medium-sized, medium length with rounded contours, the same width from shoulder to rump. Dense, muscular, medium boned, standing firmly on short legs. Legs with tightly clenched fingers. Movement of the free and flexible in all joints. Females are somewhat smaller cats.

Tail: long and medium length in proportion to the body (mid shoulder), flexible in all sochlineniyah. Long tail prepochtitelnee.

Head: Round, with raised skull and forehead, round cheeks and muzzle. The transition to a broad bridge of the nose slightly arched without stop and gray. The upper line of the profile is smooth, bridge of the nose of moderate length. Cheeks round, full cheeks. Full cheeks are especially noticeable in cats. The chin is well decorated. round, strong, but not protruding. Width and roundness faces highlighted round and full pads under-viskepardami whiskers. Spuskaetya head to a short neck.

Ears: Small and medium size, narrowly open, standing up with a slightly pointed tip, but wide at the base, set wide and high. The tips just divorced. The outer surfaces of the ears are well covered with hair. Inside the dense and lush brush.

Eyes: Large round, split wide nose, wide open with a sweet expression. Meets the eye color coat color.

Coat: Medium and long. Has acquired full face and body is desirable, but possible shortening of hair on the face and extremities. Pants, Suspension / Suspension on the tail, tufts between the toes and tufts of hair out of the ears and bryzhzhi be well marked.

Nose: A little soft deflection. Easy feet is acceptable. Profile moderate lines.