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Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold is breed of cat with has a distinctive structure of the ears, which are folded forward and down.

Brreding of the first cats of this breed became in Scotland, where on one of the farms in 1961, was born tight pussy with against the head ears named Susie. In turn, Susie was born a few kittens with similar ears. These cats started a new breed - Scottish Fold.

The original species of animals has caused great interest, as the breeders as ordinary cat lovers. Since Fold enjoys high demand, although the number Fold kittens in a litter is rarely more than half. In England, this breed is not recognized at first, and even banned. But in America, where appeared several fold cats, started a boom that led to the successful development of the breed. In Europe, the Fold has reappeared from the ocean, and the official status of the breed had only at the end of 80's. In our country, Scottish Fold cats appeared, less than 20 years ago.

The colors Scottish fold are very diverse - from plain black, white, blue and so on, until patterned: marble, tortoise, tiger. The fur of the Scottish Fold cats silky, rather short, pleasant to the touch, its density and thickness reminds plush. Eye color corresponds to coat color, but mostly - bright amber.

In fact, the external data in Scottish  is not the main thing in these unique cats, their character and manners are much more beautiful. "Scottish cat" at the same time show high intelligence and incredible intuition. They are easily teachable, rapidly getting to unfamiliar surroundings, very unobtrusive and always feel the mood of the owner. Your  plush Scottish baby immediately find its box and understand with what he can play, and with what not. A distinctive feature of the breed scottish-fold, is the lack of aggression and revenge. Even if foldik somewhat disagree with you, it will never tear the corners and mark your slippers - it is higher than this, when you take him in your arms, he would still be tender and calmn. Scottish Fold has a balanced character, great affection to the house and the man. This cats are ideal for those who like calm animals with unusual appearance.

Over the past four decades, Scottish Fold became its own recognizable style. Cross-breeding of cats of this breed with each other resulted in disorders of the musculoskeletal system. So bred this breed can only in the heterozygous form, that is, at constant crosses with 'normal', without pendant ears, individuals, ie with scottish-straight (from the word "straight" - a straight line). European and Russian breeders allow binding not only on the straights, but also to the American Shorthair, British and Exotic. Therefore Scottish Fold European type is massive physique, broad bones and ears pressed tightly, in fact they are different from the British just folded ears. While folds American breeding are more harmonious: densely pressed ears, a round head, fine bone and a long tail, as American breeders used to breed only straights that phenotypically have much in common with the American Shorthair (representatives of this species have been actively involved in improving the image of Scottish cats in America).


Kittens of Scottish Fold are very playful and tame, like spending time with children, but can not tolerate too noisy company - so if you have children, then you should move to have adapted to the social interaction and independence pussies. They respond well to training and quickly become accustomed to the toilet and scratching posts, so will not deliver special efforts.

Skottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears, and only after three to four weeks, it is clear whether they will remain so, or "will fall." At twelve weeks can be made the class definition of kitten - whether it's exhibition «show», tribal «breed» or home «pet».