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Scottish Straight

Who are the kittens with straight ears, born by Fold, no one knew, and suggest that this Scottish kittens did not occur. For a long time these kittens were recorded as British than made the confusion in the British breed. Today, kittens with straight eyers borned by Scottish Fold are called "Scottish Straight" or Scottish shorthair breed. And in many feline systems breeding of Scottish Fold is permitted only with Scottish straights. Kittens from mating with other breeds are considered purebred.

How do you know that before you is Scottish Straight, and not a British?

First, on family trees necessary to ensure that one of the parents was a kitten Scottish Fold, and the second - Straight. This rule is a must!

Secondly, there is a Scottish shorthair breed standart. Scottish Straight noticeably lighter than the British cat, ie Scottish common type should not be weighted. Scottish tail is preferencely long, and the longer tail has the more promising kitten. The British cat tail, on the contrary, is short and thick, like sausage.

Scottish kittens must have a rounded shape of the head, and a violation of the standard will be saggy fat cheeks, like the British. The head should be rounded-graceful. Scot eyes are wide open and widely planted as a surprised child is looking at you. Ears at the Scot is not widely spread, like a kitten. In general, small Scotsman is a neat and elegant kitten.

Unfortunately, the long-term mating, and failure of the recognizing of the breed Scottish Straight, suffered amazingly beautiful cat breeds: Scottish and British. Today, breeders are working hard to Scottish breed, seeking proximity to the standard, as the Scottish Fold kittens and Scottish straights. A British cat is the one who has the pedigree no other species than the British.